Botnik Space Off 08

En vecka i Solen (2007)
Botnik Space Off #2

Botnik Studios July 19 - Aug 1, 2008

Aipotu (NO), Jonas Liveröd (SE), Andreas Poppelier (SE).

Nordin Gallery
- Henrik Eriksson (SE), Marcus Hansson (SE), Joyce Ip (SE/CH), Anders K Johansson (SE), Johan Markusson (SE), Roberto N Peyre (SE), Lina Selander (SE), Ola Åstrand (SE).

Koh-i-noor (DK) - "Flexible Identities", Curated by Jens Axel Beck (DK) and Heidi Hove (DK).
Michala Bartholdy Clemmensen (DK), Mette Bartholin (DK), Morten Dysgaard (DK), Rosa Marie Frang (DK), Renée Gertler & Josh Greene (US), Gudrun Hasle (DK), Jane Jin Kaisen (DK) & Tobias Hübinette (SE), Tine Oksbjerg (DK), Olof Olsson (SE), Tina Scherzberg (DK), Jeanette Schou (DK).


The Pavilion.

Norrlandskusten 060724 (17), Norrlandskusten 060724 (50), Henrik Eriksson. Räv käke, Anders K Johansson.

Norrlandskusten 060724 (17), Norrlandskusten 060724 (50), Henrik Eriksson.

Räv käke, Anders K Johansson.

Huset sett från överallt, Johan Markusson.

Huset sett från överallt, Johan Markusson.

They The People, Marcus Hansson, 2008.

They The People - still from video, Marcus Hansson, 2008.

They The People - still from video, Marcus Hansson, 2008.

Dragonfly (Day after day after Mother’s day), Joyce Ip, 2008.

Dragonfly (Day after day after Mother’s day), Joyce Ip, 2008.

Inner Pond, Lina Selander.

Inner Pond, Lina Selander.

Lövamannen, Roberto N Peyre, 2008.

Lövamannen, Roberto N Peyre, 2008.

Lövamannen, Roberto N Peyre, 2008.

Half Failure / Half Success Company, Ola Åstrand, 2008.

Half Failure / Half Success Company, Ola Åstrand, 2008.

This is what it sounds like when thugs cry, Jonas Liveröd, 2008.

This is what it sounds like when thugs cry, Jonas Liveröd, 2008.

This is what it sounds like when thugs cry, Jonas Liveröd, 2008.

Shack in a one-horse town,
Andreas Poppelier, 2008.

Shack in a one-horse town -
view from inside, Andreas Poppelier, 2008.

Shimaguni, aiPotu, The Island Tour, Japan 2004 / 2008,
aiPotu, 2008.

Shimaguni, aiPotu, The Island Tour, Japan 2004 / 2008,
aiPotu, 2008.

Screening - Koh-i-noor, Liebespaar im Wald 06, Tina Scherzberg.

Look away - and what you love is now here
- still from video, Tine Oksbjerg, 2007.

Read my Lips
- still from video, Mette Bartholin.

That’s My Side
- still from video, Renée Gertler & Josh Greene, 2008.

Structure (excerpts)
- still from video, Michala B. Clemmensen, 2007,

Re-animator - still from video, Jeanette Schou, 2007.

The Presence of another Door
- still from video, Morten Dysgaard.

- still from video, Jane Jin Kaisen & Tobias Hübinette, 2006.

Gudrun’s Song -
still from video, Gudrun Hasle.

No Limit
- still from video, Olof Olsson.

Rosa Marie Frang, 2007/2008.

* * *

During 4 weeks this summer a selection of Nordic galleries and artists are invited to present an exhibition in the two new exhibition spaces in Skärholmen - Gerlesborg during a short residency. The focus will be on site-specific installations in the surrounding area. During the summer about 50 artists from the Nordic countries will take part of the project.

A library will also be built up during the summer, where catalogues and books from the participating artists will be on display. We will also offer books from among others Fabrik, FUKT, noCUBE and Publikation( ).

* * *

Nordin Gallery (SE)

Nordin Gallery opened in Stockholm in October 2007. The gallery is set up by owner/director Axel Nordin as a project room for young contemporary artists. The intention is to represent emerging Scandinavian and international artists, establishing a program dedicated to video, photography, performance and installation art.

Nordin Gallery
Tulegatan 19
113 53 Stockholm

* * *

Koh-i-noor (DK) - ’Flexible Identities’

Koh-i-noor is a non-profit, artist run space for experimenting art in downtown Copenhagen. It started in 2004 by six artists from Funen Academy of Fine Art. Today, there are 8 members of Koh-i-noor. All artists are based in a conceptual practice. The main purpose of Koh-i-noor is to provide an alternative space to the Danish art scene. Each month there are one or two exhibitions with local or international artists.

Dybbølsgade 60,
1721 København V

Flexible Identities
is a compilation of contemporary video art, which is featuring the works of 12 artists. The collection revolves around questions concerning identity and offers a very diverse perspective upon the subject. Some of the works are dealing with the personal story while others relates to global conflicts. Others bring into question if we can step out of our everyday life performances as couple, man, woman or artist? Will ones self-perception change or be threatened when encountered by the unfamiliar? These are some of the questions the compilation may raise. We hope, that the clash between the dissimilar expressions in the videos will leave behind a very flexible notion regarding identity.

The compilation is curated by Jens Axel Beck and Heidi Hove from Koh-i-noor (DK).

1) Tine Oksbjerg (DK)
Look away - and what you love is now here, 2007, TRT: 4.53 min.

In the video Look away - and what you love is now here, Tine Oksbjerg is dealing with issues concerning narcissism and the search for identity. The scenario takes place in the woods where a young woman and her bullterrier are going for a walk in the evening. They are all alone in the silent night but sounds from the wood now and then interrupt and creates a feeling of something unresolved. The video indirectly refers to a painting of Caravaggio called “Narcissus”.

Tine Oksbjerg was born in Vejle in 1973 and she lives and works in Odense (DK). She graduated at The Funen Art Academy (DK) in 2006. The video-work of Oksbjerg deals with short narratives without any beginnings or endings. Her work is minimal narratives with psychological states, glimpses, and social situations.

2) Mette Bartholin (DK)
Read my Lips, TRT: 1.57 min

Read my Lips is a video-performance. In the video, Bartholin has cut out the mouths of women in magazines and placed them in front of her own lips. It is red lips, tight lips, full lips, small lips, and dry lips, and each one of them creates a completely new facial expression of Bartholin. They not only seem to transform the face but also how we assess or "read" the character we’re looking at.

Mette Bartholin was born in 1975 in Aarhus, Denmark, and she lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. In 2007 she received her post grad in Aufbaustudium at Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg (DE). Before that, she has been studying at the Gender Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin (DE) and at The Funen Art Academy (DK).

3) Renée Gertler & Josh Greene (US)
That’s My Side, 2008, TRT: 9.00 min.                                                             

That's My Side
 is collaboration between San Francisco based artists (and married couple) Renee Gertler and Josh Greene. The video was made for a specific exhibition in Copenhagen in June 2008, and it is taking the collaboration as its subject. As a married couple nearly every aspect of the lives of Gertler and Greene are fused. But despite the fact that they are both artists, the work that they each do is distinctly separate and their own. Of course they regularly consult each other for aesthetic and conceptual advice, but they do not collaborate. Until now that is. The video, That's My Side is featuring the Danish actors, Penille Albæk Andersen and Jakob Knudsen from the Statens Teater Skole (DK) playing the roles of Gertler and Greene.
Renée Gertler (b.1974) and Josh Greene (b.1971) live and work in San Francisco, California. She received her Master's degree from California College of the Arts in 2007. And he received his Master's degree from the same college in 2001. Furthermore, he now works as a lecturer at California College of the Arts.

4) Michala B. Clemmensen (DK)
Structure (excerpts), 2007, TRT: 4.47 min.

Structure is a video-installation, which consists of a video projection at an elongated constructed space. The projected image is a 1:1 projection on the back wall, thus giving it a direct relation to the viewer’s own body. The installation is examining and raising notions of what happens in between concrete space and abstract/mental space. Clemmensen is not just thinking of the space as an outer structure, a so-called mathematical room, but rather as an active and participial enactor of a mental or an emotional state.

Michala Clemmensen (b.1978) is a Danish artist, based in Copenhagen. She is currently finishing her MA at The Royal Danish Art Academy (DK). Prior to this, she has been studying in England where she has been taking her BA (Hons) in Fine Art. Her practice is mainly video based and often in the form of installation. Using staged and performative elements, she investigates things like displacement of time, space and structure, linguistic as well as architectural. Michala Clemmensen's works often take its point of departure in psychological states, mental as well as physical.

5) Jeanette Schou (DK)
Re-animator, 2007, TRT: 1.42 min.

Re-animator is a self-portrait made of hundreds of snapshots, which have been shot through a period of 3-4 years. The time perspective is an important part of the project, and the different situations gives the viewer an insight in the everyday life of an individual, and how the person slowly changes through a certain period of time. Re-animator is not just a mirror, but it is an investigation of a single persons life. The outer expressions hide an interior riot, an inner commotion, which is now visualized through tears, tiredness and happiness.

Jeanette Land Schou was born in 1958 in Copenhagen. Today, she lives and works in Copenhagen (DK) and Malmö (SE). For a number of years she has worked on the underground theatre scene, but in 1984 she started working with the video media and has done it ever since. In 2000 she received her Mater’s degree from The Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen. Furthermore, she is the co-founder of Fast Video in Copenhagen. The video-work of Schou has been shown both nationally and internationally on various video festivals around Europe and in solo- and group shows in Denmark.

6) Morten Dysgaard (DK)
The Presence of another Door, TRT: 6.19 min.

The Presence of another Door is a film work that tells a narrative about a Pakistanian and an American man, who’s not able to see each other despite that they are in the same room. These two men, who are representing different cultures, are apparently living in the same room. However, whether it is the same room or not, we’ll never know. It could even be the same person. The presence of another door is a film work of Dysgaard that touches upon our prejudices and our everyday assumptions. Dysgaard is questioning and challenging our sense of identity that punctuates the borders of subjectivity, nationality and contemporary stereotypes.

The work of Dysgaard is exploring issues like identity and the complexities between nations and their depictions of identity. Dysgaard uses the language of film to penetrate the borders of subjectivity. He has exhibited in different countries like the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Norway, Belgium and Denmark. Morten Dysgaard received his Master of Fine Arts at the Royal Danish Art Academy with the emphasis in film- and video art in 2006, and has been supported several times by the Danish Council of Arts. He’s born in 1976 and lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

7) Jane Jin Kaisen (DK) and Tobias Hübinette (SE)
Adopting, 2006, TRT:  8.35 min.

A Danish TV host is interviewing a young American couple in their home in Minnesota as part of a morning television series on Danish heritage. The young couple has recently adopted a child and they are now talking about their experiences with adopting a child from another country. The only unusual factor about the situation is that the adoptive parents are of Korean decent and that the child is a Caucasian girl from Denmark. Reversing the racial “order” of adoption, the work reveals the economic, racial, and cultural implications and stereotypes imbedded within international and trans-racial adoption.

Jane Jin Kaisen was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1980. Today, she lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is a visual artist working with film, video, performance, text, and photography. She is educated at the Royal Danish Art Academy and the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in New York. Jane Jin’s work deals with questions concerning memory, subjectivity, and political agency. Her work explores how history and memory is negotiated through the relationship between knowledge, desire, and power. From a postcolonial and feminist perspective, her work is deeply invested in how language, ritual, gestures, and symbols may work as tools and metaphors in understanding amnesia, trauma, and agency.

Tobias Hübinette (Korean name Lee Sam-dol) was born in Cheonju, South Korea in 1971. He now lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden and is a Lecturer and Researcher in contemporary Korean culture and society.

8) Gudrun Hasle (DK)
Gudrun’s Song, TRT: 5.00 min.

Gudrun has a very sweet neighbor, Birgit Poulsen, who wants to become a professional musician. One day Gudrun wrote down her life-story to her, and after that Birgit turned it into a song. In this video, Birgit is playing the song of Gudrun.

‘Personal is Political’
I see myself in a life, which I can’t control. I have wishes and needs, which I can’t explain. I have conflicting feelings, which frustrates me while I try to maintain a perfect life on the outside. In my artwork, I portray my own life and my acts to allow criticism and to find out about who we really are as persons. I am dyslexic. I cannot read and I cannot write in English. My spellings are so bad that I can’t even use the spelling control on my computer. I’ve been hospitalized at the mental hospital for youth, and today I am still living with a self-hatred and depression (Excerpts from her artist statement). Gudrun Hasle was born in 1979 and lives and works in Copenhagen. She received her degree from The Funen Art Academy in 2008.

9) Tina Scherzberg (DK)
Liebespaar im Wald 06, 2006, TRT: 6.00 min.

Liebespaar im Wald 06 refers to the painting “Liebespaar im Wald” (1966) by the German artist, Gerhardt Richter. Gerhard Richter works with a technique that blurs the different elements in his paintings. He deletes the nuances and the details. The work of Richter varies between close-ups and the distant, between family and history, and between the public and the private. These are some of things that inspire Scherzberg in this video, which is an interpretation of the work of Richter.

Tina Scherzberg was born in 1973 in Germany and was educated at The Funen Art Academy (DK) in 2004. She has exhibited widely in local and international locations including Denmark, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan and Sweden.

10) Olof Olsson (SE)
No Limit, TRT: 3.47 min.

Most economists today believe that permanent growth is possible and desirable. Physics, on the other hand teaches us that the total amount of energy always is permanent, and what goes up, at some point must come down. We would like to believe that permanent growth is possible, and we live our lives as if this were a fact. However—deep down, our intuition often seems to doubt it.

Olof Olsson is a product of the emerging charter tourism industry of the 1960s — his Dutch mother and Swedish father met in Mallorca. Apart from studying fine art at The Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen and Konstfack in Stockholm, Olsson has studied languages, translation theory and theoretical philosophy. In his work, Olsson tries to address the meaning of the word ‘image’.


11) Rosa Marie Frang (DK)
Background, 2007/2008, TRT: 60:00 min.

The film is a documentary of the artist Rosa Marie Frang who tries to sell a TV-program to the Danish national TV. To succeed in that, she gets assistance from a personal branding consultant and a personal style-and-shopping consultant. For achieving her goals, the material she now has to work with is her own psyche, personality and life story. The film navigates between the culture of and the meetings with the consultants and TV-editors, the artist’s own background, and the psychological effects these meetings have on the artist. The strategy of using herself as a material is an experiment in instrumentalizing her own subject as an artist and as the main character of her own film. By doing so, the film points at the values of mass culture versus the subject.

Rosa Marie Frang (b.1975) is a Danish contemporary artist based in Copenhagen. She has studied at The Royal Danish Art Academy of Architecture (DK), The Funen Art Academy (DK), and graduated with a MFA degree from Umeå Art Academy (SE) in 2008. She has in the recent years been working with the relation between the premises of the contemporary subject in connection to self-staging, the commercial industry and personal branding. Her medium expands over film, sound, performance, collages and drawing.

* * *

Botnik Space Off -08 was initiated by Michael Johansson & Emil Olofsson, with support from Nordisk Kulturfond, Västra Götalandregionen, Svensk-Norska samarbetsfonden, Stiftelsen Clara Lachmanns fond, Längmanska Kulturfonden, Letterstedtska föreningen and Tanums Kommun.